SACSA is specialized in providing quality service this being performed by qualified staff both in the offshore industry, marine and civil company.

In SACSA work with a variety of insulation products including wool, fiberglass, armaflex and polyurethane foam. This variety of types of insulation allows us to make a study of each case and select the most appropriate isolation always meeting the demands required by the ship owner and the classification society.

All our products have the certificate MED.

We carry out terminations insulation. The type of coating or termination we do can be aluminum, steel, PVC, GRP, plywood…

In SACSA we store a variety of insulating materials including refractory, rock wool, polyurethane, glass fibers, armaflex…


The pipe insulation is done for several reasons, among which are energy saving, protection against condensation, personnel protection, protection for freezing… In SACSA we perform this type insulation, also we perform coatings of various materials.

Also we perform main insulation leaks and auxiliary engines with armed rockwool and sheet metal coatings blankets. We provide the customer with a large stock of military blankets, fiberglass and rock wool, shells armaflex, coating glass fibers, injected polyurethane…


In SACSA we are specialists in the design and manufacture of pads made mainly in fiberglass fabric and filled with ceramic blankets or rock wool blankets.

The pads we make are reusable and easy to assemble and therefore dismantling them for routine maintenance is very simple.

We have waterproof fire-retardant fabrics that make outdoor use possible of our pads.

To ensure long durability we perform the pads with stainless steel.

Our blankets ceramics withstand temperatures up to 1200 °C, thus ensuring perfect service.

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Thermal insulation, both cold and heat loss reduction limits the temperature of the stored goods and therefore generates savings in energy costs.

We apply thermal insulation with different techniques to suit each situation. Our main fields of application are refineries and food industry.


We have a large stock of both refractory mortars and bricks materials.

We perform application of refractory bricks or mortar in boilers, incinerators, fireplaces…

Cold insulation

We have a technical team, specialists and backed by a long path for the application of polyurethane foam cast both as projection.

We also have a regular stock of 1000 kg of material, in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Fire protection

Fire regulations, such as SOLAS, play an important role in shipbuilding division. In SACSA we develop solutions that provide effective protection. We have a long track record of performing isolation areas of the ship such as the qualification, engine room and all areas that could be isolated.

We have a stock of over 4,000 square meters of insulation to serve our customers immediately.

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